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Edges for worktops - 8 items

Water-proof backsplashes for worktop, washboard and accessories are widely used for installation of kitchen furniture. The diversity of our aluminum and PVC Drip profile and baseboards are modern and elegant shape resistant to load and moisture, with quick and easy installation.


Worktop side strip

07L.1001 2.90 lv

Worktop corner connector

07L.1002 2.58 lv

Worktop connector T - shape

07L.1003 2.19 lv

Worktop connector

07L.1005 3.85 lv

Worktop aluminium edge H30 mm

07L.253.30 17.60 lv

Worktop aluminium edge H40 mm

07L.254.40 19.60 lv

Worktop aluminium edge H60 mm

07L.256.60 32.00 lv

Aluminium profile worktop edge

07L.2414 28.98 lv