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The types of adhesives are characterized by great variety: - High and low temperature adhesives for automatic and manual edging machines. - Adhesives for wood with high levels of water and moisture. - Adhesive MDF activator and instant drying. - Polyurethane adhesives applicable to the details with increased exposure humid.


Apel D3 transparent glue for wood

16L.5416 6.50 lv

High temperature adhesive UNIBORD 624

16L.5402.624 18.80 lv

Low temperature adhesive UNIBORD 636

16L.5405.636 16.50 lv

Cleaning agent for details

18K.FS390 16.40 lv

High temperature adhesive UNIBORD 607

16L.5402.607 15.30 lv

Low temperature adhesive UNIBORD 635

16L.5405.635 15.20 lv

Purifying agent for glue

18K.FS330 14.92 lv

Separating agent for edging machine

18K.FS310 14.92 lv

Cleaner for glue

18K.2053 14.20 lv

High temperature adhesive UNIBORD 663

16L.5402.663 12.50 lv

PVA Adhesive NUNIVIL 81

16L.5410.81 11.60 lv

PVA adhesive NUNIVIL 1004 D3

16L.5410.1004 11.10 lv

Polyurethane gun foam Apel

18K.2050P 10.20 lv

Polyurethane Glue Apel

16L.2104 9.95 lv

PVA Adhesive NUNIVIL 187

16L.5410.187 9.80 lv

Montage PU Glue Apel

16L.2125 8.90 lv

Urea formaldehyde RESIN 401

16L.5406 7.80 lv

Apel D3 transparent glue

16L.5417 7.75 lv

Silicone Sealant 280 ml

18K.2106 5.90 lv

Polyurethane Foam Cleaner Apel

18K.2108 5.10 lv

Mitre Apel Adhesive Cleaner

18K.2109 2.45 lv

Cleaner for glossy surfaces Apel

18K.2111 2.20 lv

Paste for wood

18K.2040 1.65 lv