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Backsplashes and plinths for kitchens - 222 items

Water-proof backsplashes for worktop, washboard and accessories are widely used for installation of kitchen furniture. The diversity of our aluminum and PVC Drip profile and baseboards are modern and elegant shape resistant to load and moisture, with quick and easy installation.


Aluminium kitchen plinth - relief

07C.2418 32.80 lv

Plastic kitchen plinth - relief

07C.180 24.60 lv

Plastic kitchen plinth - smooth

07C.180 19.90 lv

Aluminium kitchen plinth - smooth

07C.2417 29.20 lv

PVC cap for profile 08PA.1004

08A.2739 6.50 lv

Aluminum C profile - medial

08PA.1004 60.00 lv

Aluminum L profile - end

08PA.1005 47.90 lv

PVC backsplash matt Magma - 3 m, concave

07V.499.6626M 9.80 lv

PVC backsplash - 3 m, concave

07V.499.03 9.80 lv

PVC backsplash matt White - 3 m, concave

07V.499.6629M 9.80 lv

PVC backsplash matt Titan - 3 m, concave

07V.499.6615M 9.80 lv

PVC backsplash MINI - 3 m, concave

07V.498.12 7.80 lv