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Door hinges - 10 items

Special hinges for interior doors - with a choice of color and purpose.


Bearing hinge PB02 Butterfly

15P7.PB02 3.70 lv

Hinge for rebated door, aluminum

15P7.PB03 2.30 lv

Anuba double hinge Ø14

15P7.904 1.90 lv

Cap for hinge Anuba

15P7.909C 2.60 lv

Template mounting for hinge Anuba

15P7.909JK 49.00 lv

Adjustable Anuba hinge Ø14

15P7.909T 4.50 lv

Pivot hinge door - 1750 mm

15P7.PB06 3.40 lv

Bearing hinge PB01 - set

15P7.PB01 4.90 lv