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Supplies - 25 items

Included are a wide range of auxiliary materials for the production of doors - Moldings for frames for doors, honeycomb paper. Rubber seals for doors - with different colors, sizes and sections.


Concealed chain door lock

15P9.49200 18.00 lv

15P9.6110 3.44 lv

Lock Safety Protection Door Guard

15P9.49180 23.00 lv

Door stoper h40 mm

15P9.49170 9.50 lv

Honeycomb Paper for door

15P9.601.T 2.58 lv

Honeycomb Paper for door

15P9.601.I 4.36 lv

Wooden door profile - One layer

15P9.640E 6.50 lv

Apel D3 transparent glue

16L.5417 7.75 lv

PVA adhesive NUNIVIL 1004 D3

16L.5410.1004 11.10 lv

PVA Adhesive NUNIVIL 187

16L.5410.187 9.80 lv

PVA Adhesive NUNIVIL 81

16L.5410.81 11.60 lv

Urea formaldehyde RESIN 401

16L.5406 7.80 lv

Door wick P008

15P9.P008 0.86 lv

Door wick P009

15P9.P009 0.63 lv

Door wick P010

15P9.P010 0.60 lv

Door knocker

15P9.4900 9.10 lv

Stop door - solid chain

15P9.4912 7.30 lv

Door latch

15P9.4910 6.90 lv

Striking plate

15P6.7912 1.00 lv

Ball catch for door

15P9.4916 2.20 lv

Magnetic door stopper

15P9.4914 7.40 lv

Chrome door stopper

15P9.4913 4.10 lv

Magnetic door stopper

15P9.4911 13.95 lv

Door stop

15P9.175 2.90 lv