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DRAWER SLIDES - 97 items

Drawer slides provide freedom and optimal choice for each cabinet - roller slides; ball bearing slides with soft closing and without soft closing , concealed slides with single or full extension and soft closing, slides with push to open and others. Drawer systems with Double wall metal side and soft closing: Smartbox of SAMET, Nova Pro and Vionaro of GRASS are of the highest quality. They have a simple and elegant design and excellent running characteristics.


Slides with metal sides

12MR.6250 2.77 lv

Roller slides drawer by Grass

12RG.5230 5.72 lv

Roller slides drawer

12RR.5230 1.48 lv

Roller slides drawer by Samet

12RS.5230 2.27 lv

Keyboard Roller slides by Samet

12RS.523K.350 7.15 lv

Ball bearing slides H35 mm

12SR.9513 2.95 lv

Ball bearing slides H45 mm

12SR.9514 5.40 lv

NOVA PRO Scala H90 drawer system

12TG.1260.S 65.25 lv

NOVA PRO Scala H186 drawer system

12TG.1260.S 102.85 lv

NOVA PRO Classic H90 drawer system

12TG.1260.C 58.50 lv

SMARTBOX drawer system

12TS.1260 45.50 lv

Marking jig for DYNAPRO and DYNAMOOV

12LG.1348 30.65 lv