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Veneered edgebands - 10 items

The edgebands from natural veneer are appropriate for veneered covered boards. The veneered edgebands are made from layers natural veneer, which can be from different kinds wood. Two variant of veneered edgebands are available- with glue and without glue. The veneered edgebands with glue are veneered edgebands on which is put a layer glue, so that the sticking of this edgeband is easier. The veneered edgebands without glue are edgeband made from veneer with paper overlay, which are appropriate for machine processing. The veneered edgeband with textile overlay is a guarantee for high quality, make the process easier, and prevent from braking the natural veneer during the edging.


Veneered edgeband - Beech

04F.402 0.490 lv

Veneered edgeband - Bamboo

04F.412 0.830 lv

Veneered edgeband - Anegre

04F.406 0.483 lv

Veneered edgeband - Oak

04F.401 0.680 lv

Veneered edgeband - Olive

04F.411 0.567 lv

Veneered edgeband - Teak

04F.410 0.651 lv

Veneered edgeband - Wenge

04F.404 0.557 lv

Veneered edgeband - Ebony

04F.409 1.491 lv