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Furniture hinges and accessories are innovative and functional. The products of GRASS - Austria and SAMET – Turkey are characterized by high quality and variety. They have quick and easy installation and excellent performance. A wide range of hinges with full overlay, inset and half overlay. Standard hinges with different opening angle, hinges for glass and mirror door, for very thin and thick doors, for doors with aluminum frame, click-on hinges, with 3D adjustment, with integrated damper, hinges without spring, hinges with tool-free installation , and many others - they all meet the most demanding designs.


TIOMOS 90° Flap hinge by GRASS

11PG.9677 12.90 lv

Hidden hinge 13х45 mm by Rosi

11PR.5244 7.50 lv

Hidden hinge by Rosi

11PR.5235 3.10 lv

Hinge 83х30 mm

11PR.5245 1.55 lv

Reverse hinge by Rosi

11PR.5236 1.35 lv