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Steps and more - 18 items

A wide assortment of furniture and office legs, furniture wheel and spacers. The wide range of products with different colors, heights and regulatory options, allows you to make the best choice.


Metal step Ø32, М8, М10

13KK.0343 1.40 lv

Adjustable leg, Ø18, M6, H5 mm

13KR.17.210 0.26 lv

Plastic adjustable base H28 mm

13KR.2612 0.43 lv

Plastic step Ø25, М8

13KK.0349 0.48 lv

Plastic step Ø25, М6

13KR.3202 0.18 lv

Plastic step Ø32, М8

13KK.0354 0.66 lv

Plastic step Ø29, М8

13KR.3203 0.25 lv

Plastic step Ø70, M10, H10 mm

13KK.0345.03 2.35 lv

Metal step stainless Ø40, М8

13KR.3204 0.60 lv

Metal step Ø27, М6, M8

13KR.3205 0.32 lv

Self-adhesive felt

13KT.240 0.74 lv

Four claw nut М6/8/10

13KT.17.205 0.10 lv

Plastic base PVC 18x56

13KT.2362 0.03 lv

PVC leveling step

13KT.2363.22 0.24 lv

Plastic step with nail Ø15, H5 mm

13KT.C100 0.03 lv

Plastic angular step 75x75, H30 mm

13KT.F450 1.20 lv