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Glass Fittings and Compact Boards - 69 items


Hinge for glass up to 6 mm by ROSI

11PR.5241 6.80 lv

Hinge for glass up to 8 mm by ROSI

11PR.5242 12.00 lv

Glass door hinge inset by Samet

11PS.5230 1.40 lv

Glass door hinge by Samet

11PS.5240 1.76 lv

Glass panel holder 0° -stainless

13R.7360 4.90 lv

Glass panel holder 135°

13R.7362 5.50 lv

Glass holder with silicone

13R.19.142 0.30 lv

Silicone glass shelf support

13R.2345 0.40 lv

Glass holder adjustable 3-8 mm

13R.2051 0.90 lv

Board clamp

13R.19.145 0.50 lv

Board clamp

13R.19.141 0.50 lv

Glass spacer panel holder

13R.H111 2.30 lv

Metal glass holder

13R.19.155 0.13 lv

Glass panel holder, transparent

13R.D191 0.06 lv

Glass panel holder, oval

13R.2030 3.35 lv

Glass panel holder, rectangular

13R.2050 2.80 lv

Glass panel holder, oval

13R.2090 2.30 lv

Glass panel holder

13R.2350 5.42 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder

13R.2380 5.62 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder 90°

13R.2120 2.26 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder 180°

13R.2130 2.80 lv

Flange Glass - Ø65 mm

13KK.3332.45 5.85 lv

Flange Glass - Ø65 mm, M10

13KK.3331.65 8.75 lv

Flange Glass - Ø80 mm, М12

13KК.3330.80 13.70 lv

Square glass flange 45x45 mm

13KK.0045.45 14.95 lv

Bar support for glass Ø50, H215 mm

13KR.2335 43.50 lv

Head rail Ø46 for compact board

06CA.30411 48.50 lv

Head rail Ø32 mm stainless

06CA.30412 66.20 lv