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Kitchen accessories - 29 items

Kitchen accessories, different in their purpose and application, spectacularly decorate and facilitates the use of modern kitchen.


Single hook, chrome plated

10KK.3404A 0.80 lv

Wall Spice Rack - 4 pcs set

10KT.3190 20.43 lv

Double goblet holder 216х340х70 mm

10KK.3401B 17.00 lv

Wire wall rack - 260х155х245 mm

10KK.3058 16.50 lv

Plastic drawer liner

10KT.2502 20.77 lv

Cabinet drawer organizer 900 mm

10KK.1273.900 121.60 lv

Single hook, chrome plated

10KT.2101 1.26 lv

Telescopic shelf

10KC.3118 66.00 lv

PVC base for built-in refrigerator/oven

10KT.2503.22 24.43 lv

Wall Spice Rack - set

10KT.3191 56.00 lv

Decorative grating round Ø43

13D.372 0.70 lv

Double hook, chrome plated

10KK.3404B 2.03 lv

Кitchen corner tube Ø16, chrome

10KK.3016 1.80 lv

4 Raws goblet holder 420х340х70 mm

10KK.3401C 23.00 lv

Cabinet drawer organizer 600 mm

10KK.1273.600 84.80 lv

Wire wall rack - 280x185x430 mm

10KK.3141 35.90 lv

Decorative grating

13D.370 6.21 lv

Tubes cover Ø16

10KK.3406F 0.80 lv

Kitchen hanger set

10KT.3030K 15.56 lv

Goblet holder 110х340х70 mm

10KK.3401А 9.00 lv

Decorative grating 169х33 mm

13D.373 0.84 lv

Cabinet drawer organizer 450 mm

10KK.1273.450 76.00 lv

Centre tube support Ø16, chrome

10KK.3406E 3.10 lv

Кitchen tube - Ø16 mm, chrome

10КК.3016 1.65 lv