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KITCHEN SINKS and TAPS - 53 items

A wide variety of high quality steel kitchen sinks with different shapes - rectangular, square, round, angular, with one tub, two tubs, a sink with drainer with countertop, sink with board; glass kitchen sinks; siphons; faucets for kitchen sinks and perfectly adapted accessories.


Kitchen tap S603

10M.603 144.30 lv

Kitchen tap S607

10M.607 118.30 lv

Kitchen tap S608

10M.608 81.90 lv

PVC colander oval 805

10M.805 20.95 lv

PVC colander triangle 806

10M.806 24.32 lv

PVC Colander rectangular 811

10M.811 9.00 lv

Soap dispenser

10M.809 33.90 lv

Faucet hole stopper

10M.808 3.38 lv

Surface polishing paste S500

10M.500 9.00 lv