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K-Slim kitchen worktops - 5 items

The K-Slim worktops are a natural continuation of the evolution of furniture production, following the European trends towards thin edges and clean lines of worktops. The K-Slim products have the same durable CPL top layer as the standard worktops with radius. The edge is treated through softforming edge band technology, with the use of polyurethane adhesive and the same décor of the edgeband, to achieve a 45 degree bevel on the front edge of the worktop, which is robust and meets the customer's requirements for use in kitchens and laundry rooms. The backside of the worktop is also edged with polyurethane glue. With a thickness of only 13 mm, the K-Slim collection, provides a more economical solution and a suitable replacement of compact laminate boards and technical stones.