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Office legs - 25 items

The choice of metal legs for tables and office desks optimize working space and contributes to increasing comfort in each office, relying on elegant design.


Office table leg for desk - 5500

14K.5500 99.80 lv

Office table leg for desk - 5300

14K.5300 94.90 lv

Desk Spine Cable Manager PVC

14K.4091 15.20 lv

Table leg 400x400 mm, H720 mm

14K.1118 80.40 lv

Office table leg for desk - 1500

14K.1500.23 56.40 lv

Panel for office table leg

14K.1616 42.00 lv

Metal stand for PC

14K.1617 55.00 lv

Office table leg 1634

14K.1634 49.90 lv

Office table leg

14K.1800A 59.50 lv

PVC stand for PC

14K.2091 13.50 lv

Office table set 2100

14K.2100 142.00 lv

Office table leg

14K.2300A.23 59.00 lv

Office table leg, with telescopic beam

14K.2800.23 169.00 lv

Table leg - Round H720, H1100 mm

14K.6044 85.00 lv

Pull-out keyboard drawer

14A.1195 10.00 lv

Round plastic cable port

14A.2394 0.30 lv

PVC Stand for CD

14A.H141 1.60 lv