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Veneered MDF - 8 items

The MDF boards with natural veneered covering are appropriate for the production of luxury furnishing , facings, partition walls ect. There are selected natural veneers from traditional wooden kinds- oak, beech, walnut and ash.


Veneered MDF Ash - Crown

03F.415D 221.30 lv

Veneered MDF Oak Fineline

03F.403 71.92 lv

Veneered MDF Beech

03F.402 86.80 lv

Veneered MDF Oak Radial

03F.407 64.62 lv

Veneered MDF Oak Rustic

03F.417D 264.50 lv

Veneered MDF Oak

03F.401 55.25 lv

Veneered MDF Oak American

03F.414D 172.10 lv

Veneered MDF American walnut

03F.413 288.80 lv