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Mechanisms for cabinet doors - 39 items

The mechanisms for upper cabinet doors are products of leading producers from Austria and Turkey. Kinvaro flap systems of GRASS for folding doors, parallel lift, up and over, and lift up doors, and mechanisms Samet – Mono-lift, Duo-lift and D-lift, they are all high quality and excellent functionality. These systems ensure perfect access to cabinet and provide smooth and silent movement, easy to fit and 3D adjustment.


Magnetic catche single black by Samet

13M.8037.22 1.10 lv

Mechanical flap stay

13MS.2403 13.80 lv

Mechanical flap stay

13MR.2403 6.60 lv

Push mechanism for neck white

13MR.2625 2.10 lv

Soft-closing oil mechanism

13M.2621 2.50 lv

Flap stay

13MR.2406 2.10 lv

Flap stay with stopper

13M.2408 2.95 lv

Flap stay folding

13MR.2407 1.70 lv

Magnetic catche single

13MR.8037 0.70 lv

Magnetic catche double

13MR.8038 1.40 lv

Door closer with spring

13MR.2624 1.20 lv

Plate for magnetic catch

13MR.8039 0.09 lv

Metal swivel

13M.2367 10.50 lv