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Assemblies and other - 46 items

The great variety of fastening corner joints, metal plates, metal corners, hangers, dowels, minifix and other elements ensure the sustainability of your furniture.


Cabinet hanger by ROSI

13SR.283 1.60 lv

Furniture corner fitting by SAMET

13S.2608 0.35 lv

Metal corner assembly

13S.8172 0.98 lv

Furniture corner fitting, plastic

13S.2350 0.05 lv

Corner fitting, metal SAMET

13S.8171 0.60 lv

Cabinet hanger L type by SAMET

13SS.1850 0.75 lv

Hook for cabinet hanger by SAMET

13SS.1930 0.30 lv

Cabinet hanger plate by SAMET

13SS.1940 0.50 lv

Catch and latch with plate, black

13D.9106 0.35 lv

Packaging corner

13D.C160 0.05 lv

Cabinet hanger by SAMET

13SS.283 1.38 lv

Silicon buffer 50 pcs.

13D.9301 1.60 lv

Fastening bracket

13M.153 1.40 lv

Cabinet hanger L type

13ST.1850 0.29 lv

Cabinet hanger plate

13S.1940 0.44 lv

Plastic joints for wood V type

13S.2103 10.00 lv

Plastic joints for wood T type

13S.2104 10.00 lv

Insurt nut

13S.2136 0.07 lv

Furniture corner fitting, plastic

13S.2349 0.08 lv

Wooden dowel, cross grain

13S.2365 12.00 lv

Brass dowel Ø8х14 mm, set

13S.2366 0.45 lv

Wood biscuit 60 mm

13S.2370 0.06 lv

Connecting strip

13S.2386 0.20 lv

Cap for Minifix Ø18

13S.2395 9.50 lv

Minifix set, double, 10 pcs

13S.2604 5.80 lv

Reinforced metal corner

13S.5601 0.15 lv

Reinforced metal corner 30 mm

13S.5606 0.25 lv

Metal hanger

13S.5608 0.09 lv

Metal plate, rectangular

13S.5611 0.20 lv

Metal plate, rectangular 60х15 mm

13S.5611.60 0.22 lv

Back stopper

13S.6325 38.00 lv

Corner fitting, clear plastic

13S.9171 0.27 lv

Metal cap for screw

13S.H101 0.30 lv