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Screws and bolts - 19 items

A wide variety of bolts, wood screws, euro screws, different models dowels.


Connecting screw 15х27мм

13S.6313 11.90 lv

Confirmat screw

13S.6312.7.70 10.60 lv

Machine screw for handle

13S.9120 6.65 lv

Confirmat screw L50 mm

13S.6312 5.20 lv

Break-off machine screw

13S.9130 4.80 lv

Euro screw flat head 6.3 Х 13 mm

13S.6312.6.3.13 2.80 lv

Stainless screw

13S.408 1.30 lv

Connecting screw for worktop M6

13S.6314 1.10 lv

Dowel with nail 8х100 mm

13S.807 0.43 lv

Dowel for brick without screw

13S.805 0.19 lv

Joint connector bolt M6, HEX

13S.9131 0.17 lv

Universal dowel 8х42 mm

13S.801 0.07 lv

Dowel for concrete

13S.803 0.03 lv