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Shelf holders - 30 items

Practical shelf holders and glass holders enable easy and secure montage of various shelves.


Glass holder with silicone

13R.19.142 0.30 lv

Silicone glass shelf support

13R.2345 0.40 lv

Board clamp

13R.19.145 0.50 lv

Glass holder adjustable 3-8 mm

13R.2051 0.90 lv

Glass panel holder, rectangular

13R.2050 2.80 lv

Glass spacer panel holder

13R.H111 2.30 lv

Metal glass holder

13R.19.155 0.13 lv

Glass panel holder, oval

13R.2030 3.35 lv

Board clamp

13R.19.141 0.50 lv

Glass panel holder, oval

13R.2090 2.30 lv

Glass panel holder, transparent

13R.D191 0.06 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder

13R.2380 5.62 lv

Glass panel holder

13R.2350 5.42 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder 90°

13R.2120 2.26 lv

Glass Clamp bracket holder 180°

13R.2130 2.80 lv

Shelf support FIXOGRASS 9000

13R.9000 83.70 lv

Shelf support transparent

13R.2343 0.060 lv

Flatbed shelf carrier Ф5

13R.2344 0.15 lv

Door shatter

13R.21.120 1.20 lv

Shelf support - concealed

13R.21.148 3.70 lv

Shelf support - visible mounting

13R.21.149 4.78 lv

Folding shelf bracket

13R.2109 19.80 lv

Door shatter

13R.2110 1.10 lv

Door shatter

13R.2111 15.20 lv

Shelf Support Bracket

13R.2140 8.98 lv

Shelf support with nail

13R.2342 1.20 lv

Plastic shelf support - 1000 pcs

13R.2370 9.50 lv

Board clamp Pelican

13R.3053 3.80 lv

Metal shelf support Ø5

13R.9260 27.90 lv

Metal shelf support

13R.9261 30.50 lv