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Accessories for systems - 13 items

Available accessories allow full equipment of the sliding system.


Lock for SCK12

08A.204316 4.30 lv

Handle adapter

08A.MK8.2.02 2.85 lv

Handle adapter

08A.MK8.1.02 1.66 lv

Wick for glass

08A.2714 0.54 lv

Wick 4 mm

08A.2715 0.50 lv

Wick 8 mm

08A.2716 0.65 lv

Wick for glass

08A.2718 0.85 lv

Tensioner with PVC head

08A.2745.P 10.20 lv

Corner for roller blind

08PP.0011 1.60 lv

Tensioner with metal head

08А.2745.M 10.50 lv