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Iinstruments - 12 items

Available necessary toolkit for a furniture production. Tools that can find with us are for different purposes and are an integral part of furniture production.


Magnetic Screwdrivers

18I.116.200 16.40 lv

Panel carrying handgrip

18K.4937 11.50 lv

Measuring tape ROSI

18K.2020 4.60 lv

Hex key - M4 mm

18K.2071 0.07 lv

Magnetic bit holder 50 mm

18IE.105 7.20 lv

Torx bit

18IK.115.T25 0.40 lv


18IK.106 0.30 lv

Spirit level

18K.2010 12.20 lv


18I.108 5.80 lv

Hole saw 60 mm

18IE.113 28.00 lv

Arbour with HSS pilot drill

18IE.114 28.50 lv

Jig saw blade

18I.112 1.30 lv