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Drilling tools - 11 items

Rosi Ltd offers hard-bore drills and cutters from leading German and Italian manufacturers. The presented tools are suitable for processing all types of wood-based panels, with or without coverings and solid wood.


Hinge boring bit 57.5 mm

18IA.5496 81.30 lv

Hinge boring bit 57.5 mm

18IF.14A 35.48 lv

Hinge boring bit 70 mm

18IF.14F 42.53 lv

Dowel drill bit 57.5 mm

18IF.50F 18.19 lv

Dowel drill bit 70 mm

18IF.50G 19.43 lv

Through bore drill bit 55.5 mm

18IF.50J 26.22 lv

Through bore drill bit 50K

18IF.50K 24.40 lv

Countersink for drill bits

18IF.50S 21.54 lv

Drill bit for wood

18I.104 1.99 lv

Drill bit for metal

18I.110 0.84 lv

Drill bit for concrete

18I.111 5.00 lv