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Router bits and turn-over knives - 17 items

Rosi Ltd. offers router bits and turn-over knives from leading German and Italian manufacturers. The presented tools are suitable for processing all types of wood-based panels, with or without coverings and solid wood.


Shank cutter – chipbreaker

18IW.C05923 106.00 lv

Router bit H30

18IF.H30 54.20 lv

Router bit H11

18IF.H11.060.C 26.00 lv

Router bit H3

18IF.H3.220.C 24.00 lv

Roundover bit 32AA

18IF.32AA 63.67 lv

Milling cutter - disk

18IF.H22 23.19 lv

Router bit H25

18IF.H25 30.93 lv

Router bit H28

18IF.H28 32.53 lv

Slotting cutters 90°

18I.103 140.00 lv

Holder for router bits

18IF.H19 12.55 lv

Cutter T

18IT.101 30.00 lv

Cutter V

18IT.102 30.00 lv

Turn-over knives

18IA.9787 20.36 lv

Turn-over knives

18IA.9474 2.76 lv