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Built-in mechanisms - 9 items

Mechanisms wardrobes allow complete and optimal use of the cabinet storage - tubes wardrobe, up and down hanger, pull out hangers, racks and built-in mechanisms for clothes, shoes, mirror and more.


Built-in folding ironing board

10GK.288W 126.50 lv

Built-in ironing board, soft closing

10GK.2118 250.00 lv

Hanger for neckties

10GK.0153 30.00 lv

Hanger for belts and neckties

10GK.0152 30.00 lv

Trouser Rack with 9 holder

10GK.6124 55.00 lv

Wardrobe wire basket fit for 350 mm

10GK.3105 29.90 lv

Revolving trouser rack

10GC.6129 31.60 lv

Iron rack holder

10GK.2119 23.50 lv