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Universal stains for wood - 14 items

The interior wood stains are universal and highly concentrated and have developed technology that allows same color concentrate to dissolve both in water, thinner and acetone. Here you can see all concentrates diluted 1:10 with thinner. Each stain itself is unique and expresses differently the structure of the tree.


Universal stain – Black

17VB.C608.2031 41.50 lv

Universal Stain - Dark yellow transparent

17VB.C608.2032 58.80 lv

Universal stain - Yellow transparent

17VB.C608.2033 38.60 lv

Universal stain - Red

17VB.C608.2034 87.80 lv

Universal stain - Bordeaux

17VB.C608.2035 73.30 lv

Universal stain – Brown

17VB.C608.2037 61.20 lv

Universal stain - Walnut

17VB.C608.2309 61.20 lv

Universal Stain - Light walnut

17VB.C608.2318 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Mahogany

17VB.C608.2326 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Rosewood

17VB.C608.2345 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Oak

17VB.C608.2371 61.20 lv

Universal stain - Red walnut

17VB.C608.2465 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Copper

17VB.C608.2466 61.20 lv

Universal Stain – Cherry

17VB.C608.2467 61.20 lv