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Universal stains for wood - 14 items

The wood stains we offer are universal. They are suitable for coloring any type of wood, giving it a unique color or effect. The stains are for internal use. They can be used for furniture, chairs, doors and interior accessories. The product is available in a 1 liter package, but a smaller quantity can be ordered. The stain is highly concentrated. When applying, it needs to be diluted. Dilutes with water, thinner or acetone in various ratios to reach the desired saturation of a given color. Each stain color shown on the site was obtained by diluting with a thinner P730 in a ratio of 1:10 (stain: thinner). The stain is applied with a gun. The rate of consumption is 50-80g/m2 and may vary according to the desired effect. In order to seal the treated surface, it is recommended to apply 2 layers of polyurethane transparent primer - G920 and one layer of polyurethane transparent topcoat - H410 on the stain. The first coat of polyurethane transparent primer is applied 10 to 30 minutes after applying the stain, and the second coat- 60 to 90 minutes after applying the first coat of primer. After 4 to 6 hours, the surface is sanded with sandpaper 220-400 and a layer of polyurethane transparent topcoat - H410 is applied. The concentrated stain colors we offer are – black, yellow, dark yellow, red, burgundy, brown, walnut, light walnut, red walnut, mahogany, rosewood, copper, oak and cherry.


Universal stain - Walnut

17VB.C608.2309 61.20 lv

Universal Stain - Dark yellow transparent

17VB.C608.2032 58.80 lv

Universal Stain – Cherry

17VB.C608.2467 61.20 lv

Universal stain - Yellow transparent

17VB.C608.2033 38.60 lv

Universal stain – Copper

17VB.C608.2466 61.20 lv

Universal Stain - Light walnut

17VB.C608.2318 61.20 lv

Universal stain - Red walnut

17VB.C608.2465 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Oak

17VB.C608.2371 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Mahogany

17VB.C608.2326 61.20 lv

Universal stain – Rosewood

17VB.C608.2345 61.20 lv

Universal stain - Red

17VB.C608.2034 87.80 lv

Universal stain – Black

17VB.C608.2031 41.50 lv

Universal stain - Bordeaux

17VB.C608.2035 73.30 lv

Universal stain – Brown

17VB.C608.2037 61.20 lv